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Saturday, August 6, 2011

FT Island Budokan Concert Report (Fan accounts)

[BUDOKAN REPO1] At the venue there was "FT" shaped lighting above the stage. We could see "FT" shining during the concert from the auditorium.

[BUDOKAN REPO2] During ♪Bing Bing Bing Hongki asked the audience to show their best twist and Hongki himself showed a sexy twist //////

[BUDOKAN REPO3] SeungHyun failed to start the rap at ♪Brand New Days because it was the very beginning. Or maybe it’s the mic problem???

[BUDOKAN REPO4] Hongki explained the meaning of this concert. He said that the idea of the concert came to their mind just aft the earthquake.

[BUDOKAN REPO5] Followed by the Jaejin MC. Jaejin described what it meant to stand on the stage of Budokan. He said "I heard that Budokan is the place where god(of the music)exists." as mentioned in Ameblo before..."Budokan is the place where many great artists performed either Japanese and foreigner. I'm honored to be on this stage today. We don't know if the god smiles to us or dislikes us...we'll see at the end of the concert. Let's make the great concert together with us. We practiced and prepared for the concert very well. We did many exercise to get in shape"(laughter from audience because we all knew that they are trying to be in good muscular body)"Why is everyone laughing at me? I'm serious!!!We exercise heard so that we can stand to the hard concert!!!So let's make a great concert!!!"

[BUDOKAN REPO6] Interchange between Jaejin&Hongki;.(to audience)JJ:"Do you know what it's meant to perform on the stage at Budokan?" HK"I don't know^^" This interchange made audience laugh^^

[BUDOKAN REPO7] Jaejin's MC. Introducing next song..."Next songs are the songs which became the turning point to us. Our first indies number ♪Soyogi and the first song to perform after Seunghyun joined ♪I believe myself." This MC made us cry TT. They were looking back their history through this concert too.

[BUDOKAN REPO8] Seunghyun sang the part originally sang by Wonbin... That made us cried too.

[BUDOKAN REPO9] Hongki dismissed after the song ♪I believe myself" It's Jaejin’s stage.^^ Seunghyun showed hard head-banging during ♪Rock'n roll!!! Was he OK???

[BUDOKAN REPO10] Hongki appeared on stage with a big flag.(Black flag with red letter "FTISLAND") He said "Do you know what this is?" other members “A flag" HK "Now we try our new trial in FTI's history with this flag^^We need your assistance to. I will run across the stage. As I move, the audiences are asked to raise your hands to make a big wave, did you get it? OK let's try^^" Hongki run the stage from one end to the other end and audience followed him. Actually, the venue is octagonal shape so it didn't really success TT But still the members looked happy.

[BUDOKAN REPO11] During the song "Friends", Hongki swag the flag and played with it by running the stage. Sometimes he was twined with the flag^^ This action made him tired! He even said "I'm tired...TT" at the end!

[BUDOKAN REPO12] After the new song ♪Someday, white platforms appeared on the stage from both side of the stage. On the left side there were strings team including violin, viola, cello. On the other side white piano with JongHoon!!!Everyone screamed when we realized it was Jonghoon!!!They re-arranged the songs ♪So today... ♪Itsuka and ♪Raining for this concert to perform with strings. I think more than half of the audience cried with this new arrangement!

[BUDOKAN REPO13] Seunghyun's MC after the song ♪Raining. "How was our new arranged songs? And JongHoon Hyung's piano^^ I used to play piano since I was little, so I wish to play the piano on the stage^^" Right after he said this, JongHoon run to Seunghyun and tackled^^ saying "I won't let you!"

[BUDOKAN REPO14] Seunghyun corrected the word "Anyway I can't do it.. hahaha" Everyone laughed^^He is the one who makes everyone laugh always. Love you^^

[BUDOKAN REPO15]During ♪Raining Jonghoon took off his jacket. He played the piano enthusiastically so he got hot^^ He wore white T-shirt and white pants. This ballad song section, Jonghoon's got most attention from the audience. His performance awesome! passionate!! outstanding!!!

[BUDOKAN REPO16]After the ballad songs, it's hard rock time!!! ♪Revolution, ♪I want, ♪Let it go!, ♪SATISFACTION, ♪Flower Rock!!! Non-stop GO GO GO!!! At ♪Revolution, Jonghoon's got on his knees and played the guitar //// That made Jonghoon fans crazy!!! MinHwan's drumming performances was awesome too especially on the song ♪I want!!! With every beats he creates, our hearts also pounds!!! Hongki&Jaejin sang very well even if in tough set-lists.

[BUDOKAN REPO17]Japanese official fan club noticed us to turn the towel during the songs ♪Let it go!, ♪Flower Rock, and ♪PRIMADONNA. Hongki gave us an instruction of how to turn the towel. Also informed not to harm the person beside^^ ♪SATISFACTION's first part HK Starts singing "Shiawase no imiwo sagashiteita. Dokokani aruto omotta sobani" then he let the audience to sing "attanoni~~~!!!" Yes we Primadonnas could sing out loud^^ Hongki's face looked satisfied as the song's title^^

[BUDOKAN REPO18]The last song was ♪Flower Rock which is their first major debut song in Japan. They concluded the concert with their memorable song^^

[BUDOKAN REPO19]Members left the stage. We gave an encore call. At the beginning, we were apart... Someone says "encore! encore!" someone says "FT FT FT" and someone just clapped their hand. But in some point, our hearts are gathered in one! And gave them a huge encore call by saying "F!T!ISLAND! F!T!ISLAND!" That moment, I was very very touched to the situation. That was the moment when we PRIMADONNAS were united^^

[BUDOKAN REPO20]Go back a little bit>< At ♪Flower Rock Hongki stopped the music right before the last verse saying "Are you with us? Do you wanna run with us???". On his command, "Everybody!!!" the music re-started and our tension reached the climax!!!

[BUDOKAN REPO21]After a while, members appeared on the stage again. Changing their clothes to tour T-shirts. Oh, Jaejin had changed their pants too. Hongki said that "Jaejin's pants was ripped!! So he has changed it to his own pants^^"At Zepp Nagoya, Hongki ripped his pants and this time Jaejin. You can imagine how they performed enthusiastically^^

[BUDOKAN REPO22]At encore, they sang ♪Primadonna, ♪Haruka, ♪The One, ♪Treasure, ♪FTISLAND. During ♪Primadonna, Hongki showed the "ballerina" jump!!! That was sooooo cute^^Then Minhwan came in front and spoke "We wanted to do something with our fans. We decided to show the name of the fans on the screen.(This is a privilege for the ones who bought all three types of new CD "Let it go!")"I think this was the first and last word he had spoken throughout the concert! As the music starts, name of the fans were shown on the screen. It was difficult for me to watch both screen and FTI members at the same time. I was searching for my name too!

[BUDOKAN REPO23]During encore Hongki, Jonghoon, Jaejin, and Seunghyun run across the stage from here to there^^ There were some lucky fans who could even touch them and could have a shake-hand with them>_< At ♪Treasure Hongki takes an acoustic guitar!!! He said "The nail is disturbing><" and took off his "friend" and put it in his pocket!!!Oh the nail was detachable!!! Jonghoon played the last chord of the song on Hongki's guitar! Jonghoon put his arm around Hongki's waist and played////Hongki said "Wow stop it><" Why Hongki! Your guitar teacher helped you!!!

[BUDOKAN REPO24]They sang ♪FTISLAND at the very last^^ Before the music starts, Hongki noticed that their family and personal friends also came to the concert. That includes the members of "Shiratori-pro wrestling members" (They are the members from his last Japanese drama "Muscle Girl")and his band friend alice9 hiroto. Jajin also gave a speach to their parents in Korean "Saranghamnida^^Gomawooo^^(I love you^^Thank you^^)" Everyone looked cute^^ especially Hongki! He imitated his own voice 4years ago!!! With the "Subway" movement^^ After the song they got in one line, holding their hands, and took a bow at audience^^ They moved the stage's side to side saying "thank you" and gave the tour goods to some of the fans by hand to handddddddd!!!

[BUDOKAN REPO:LAST]This is all I remember^^ They were nervous at the beginning but at the end they were filled with confidence. After the concert, I got out of the venue and noticed that outside the venue was raining during the concert because the road was wet. But rain stopped just before Primadonnas get out of the venue^^ Hongki is the god!!!It must be his power!!! And maybe the god of BUDOKAN^^ The god cried for their growth and smiled at the end^^I guess...

Fan accounts via takaneofJPP@HongJaeBiased @Twitter