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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


1. What is the meaning of your name?
Hong means ‘wide’ and Ki means ‘ground’

2. What is your biggest interest nowadays?

3. How do you feel about your first self-composed songs? 
I am happy to see the good response to the two songs, ‘Black Chocolate’ and ‘Orange Sky’.

4. Why is it ‘Black Chocolate’, not dark chocolate? 
I composed this song and wrote the lyrics for it. The song sings about bitterness of love. I chose black chocolate with more bitter taste since dark chocolate is still quite sweet.

5. What kind of music do you like? 
All genres of music.

6. What is a song you feel most confident of singing?
Upbeat or appealing rock music.

7. What made you publish ‘Lee Hong-ki’s Nail Book’?
I am very interested in nail art. Fans even predicted that I would do something related to nail art someday.

8. When are you most excited after you finish doing nail art? 
When I show a new concept of my nail art on stage, and when our fans like the design and say that it is pretty.

9. Who is the most envious celebrity honestly?
He is not a celebrity, but I am envious of the manager of Song Hye-kyo

10. If a sexy girl or a cute girl confesses love to you at the same time?
I would choose a cute girl.

11. Who do you prefer between one with a pretty face and one with a nice body? 
Face 45%, and body 55%

12. When is the happiest moment in your life? 
These days!

13. What movie made you cry most?
‘If Only’ and ‘A Hot Goodbye’

14. What does the movie ‘A Hot Goodbye’ mean to you? 
It is a very precious movie for me. It gave me an opportunity to think about life a lot.

15. What did FTISLAND members say after they watched ‘A Hot Goodbye’?
The youngest members Choi Min-hwan and Song Seung-hyun cried so much so that their eyes were swollen while leader Choi Jong-hoon said he had trouble trying not to cry. Lee Jae-jin said he wanted to cry but he could not because of dry eye syndrome.

16. What words do you say most frequently? 

17. When do you want to get married? 
At 35 years old?

18. What do you like or dislike most about your face?
Eyes, lips.

19. Do you have anyone in your mind right now?

20. If your girlfriend cheated on you? 
I would teach her a lesson!

21. When do you think you look cool?
When I sing.

22. What do others say about your face most? 
He in person looks the same as on TV

23. Who is most unforgettable fan? 
I remember fans’ faces well. I cannot pick only one person.

24. What do you do first thing in the morning?
I stretch myself.

25. What do you usually do on computer? 
I play game.

26. When did you have a big fight with your friend? 
When we fought each other because of misunderstanding.

27. Which one would you choose between a short but glorious life and a long but miserable one?
A short but glorious life.

28. Where do you frequent most? 
Home or around my agency building.

29. If you love the same person that your friend loves? 
It depends on situations.

30. What is your motto? 
 I do not have a motto.

31. What is your drinking habit? 
I sleep.

32. What do you wear when you go to bed?

33. What do you do to relieve stress?
I go bowling or traveling

34. If God grants you one wish, what would it be?
I would wish to have invincible vocal chords.

35. What part of your body is weakest?  
I often catch a cold.

36. What is your favorite color?

37. Do you have any experience that people do not believe?

38. When was your most memorable trip? 
When I traveled around European countries including Germany, Spain, and France. .

39. What was most memorable during the trip? 
I attended the soccer game between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

40. What country do you want to visit right now?

41. What do you want to say to your mother? 
I love you and thank you for always protecting me.

42. What do you want to say to your father? 
I thank you and I love you.

43. Who are the people you should always take care of?
My band members, staff members, friends, agency, and my family.

44. Who takes care of you most? 
My friends, members, and family.

45. Who are you thankful to? 
Our fans.

46. If your friend did not show up even though he/she promised to do so?
I would teach him/her a lesson.

47. If you go on a blind date, where would you bring her? 
I would take her to dinner, to a movie theatre and to a bowling alley.

48. When do you think you are kind? 
When I am sick.

49. When do you jinx yourself?   
When I catch a cold, I can do nothing.

50. Last words, please? 

I will present you with good songs and nice performance! Take care. 

Written by: Lee Hong-ki
Edited by OSEN Lee Hye-rin (

Thursday, June 20, 2013


FT Island’s ‘Unexpected charm’ in HAN SEUNG HO CEO's eyes:

FIRST : Lee Hong ki
”He likes children a lot. To be honest it was quite unexpected. Because he is active and free, I thought he will find children annoying but I was wrong. He complains to me often but the one who plays the best with my child is Hongki. When I see him play with my child, I think that ‘he is kind and has the carefulness and kindness of being able to look at the child’s eye level.”

SECOND: Choi Jong Hoon
"He is really soft and has lots of tears. Jonghun is always the one who cries when they get scolded. When I am scolding, If I see jonghun crying, even though I have some more to scold but he makes me end it quickly.”

THIRD: Lee Jae jin
”the fans all know it too but he is always clear about work and play and he knows how to he should act at situations. Unexpectedly, he says what he wants to although he looks like he will listen well. I think he’s trying hard to be manly these days. I only saw him as a young boy but sometimes I just think that ‘he became a man too.”

FOURTH: Choi Minhwan
”it seems like he will have a lot of aegyo since he is the maknae but he is the most quiet and steady. He keeps his place quietly. He doesn't really have much maknae-like characteristics. If minhwan gets a girl friend in the future, maybe I would get surprised at the different attitude?”

FIFTH:Song Seunghyun
”i think he is FTIsland’s atmosphere maker. He’s very good with making friends. It could have been hard on him for being a new member but I think he has been able to stand it well. He’s such a innocent and good kid.”

CR: FB page , Janey_Hoonie

Monday, June 17, 2013


You guys can find all songs from their albums here

cr: GOLDEN @ WAYmadonna
You Are My Life 
cr: k2nblog

cr:  uploader


*my ugly drawing but i did this to thank everyone in this wonderful fandom*

TRANS Fanacc - RATED-FT Fanmeeting

Q: How do you paint the picture of your ideal wife?
Hongki: She has to be smart, someone who possesses the qualities which I don't have. I started singing when I was young, so I didn't have the chance to study much. I can't marry anyone who is not smart or who is very serious.
Chinese Translation: MylovelyFT

 When replying about the rumour that FTISLAND is going to disband, Hongki said "I will guard and protect FTISLAND forever!"
Cr: FkaanaaT

Hongki: To prepare for the Summer Arena Tour in Japan, we have been practicing daily into late nights regardless whether we are in Korea or Japan.
Before the start of any concert, if we have not made 100% preparation for it, we will feel very insecure.
Although we are not 100% ready yet, but I still want to hold the concerts quickly, I have been looking forward to it for a long time! Though I'm not sure whether it will be a successᄏᄏᄏ

[130609 Fan-Meeting]

Minari said that now his sleeping hours is approximately 4 hours per day, so he wishes to have a week whereby he can relax just by sleeping and playing online games.
Upon hearing this, Hongki joked "You're going to be fat again if you really do that"XD
Cr: FtGtKD
Chinese Translation: MylovelyFT

[130609 Fan-Meeting]

Q: In which area do you think you have matured recently?
Minhwan: When I took a bath 2 months ago, whenever I looked into the mirror, I would think "Ah, what a pig!" (rubbing his tummy with both hands)
Hongki: A white piggy!
Seunghyun: Minari always bathes with me, and he will look into the mirror and goes "Seunghyun, Seunghyun!! Have I lost any weight?" (imitating Minari)
Minhwan: However, I have been exercising very hard for the past 2 months, so I manage to lose some weight."
(Loud applause from the audience)
Hongki: This is not maturing, it's just losing of weight!"
(Everyone burst out laughing)
Cr: always_minari
Chinese Translation: June_priway

[130609 Fan-Meeting]

At the end, when the members took turn to speak to the fans, Minari said " Everyone, please be sure to watch my musical!"
Jaejinnie then said "For my musical, it's okay if you don't come, because I will think about everyone and work real hard (smile)"
Hongki joked "This is because the popularity of these two is completely different" XD
Cr: FkaanaaT
Chinese Translation: June_priway

[130609 Fan-Meeting]

Hongki said that this year, he seems to have many activities in Japan as well. And because of this, there are Korea Pris asking him "Are you a Japanese?" So he answered he will work hard in the activities in Korea too~
(I guess this can't be help, though it's sad, but the Japanese seem to appreciate the talent of FTISLAND more..)
Cr: anchovy_5
Chinese TranslationMylovelyFT

[130609 Fan-Meeting]

On the topic of quarrel, the parties involved usually goes like this:
Minari with Seunghyun;
Hongki with Jonghoon;
Hongki with Seunghyun;
Jonghoon with Seunghyun;
Minari with Hongki..
Jaejinnie 's name doesn't appear as he will always be the first to say "It's my fault, I'm sorry!"
Cr: FtMM29
Chinese Translation: MylovelyFT

[130609 Fan-Meeting]

When being asked what sort of challenge would they like to take up,
Hongki: I want to tour Europe again! And to cut a solo album!
When the topic of solo album was raised, Jaejinnie was desperately shaking his head at the side (laughs)
Jaejinnie: I want to participate in Immortal Song alone.
Minari: When I see Hongki hyung participating in a movie, it makes me wish to be in one too.
Cr: FtGtKD
Chinese Translation: MylovelyFT

[130609 Fan-Meeting]

MC: How do you rate the album?
Jonghoon: 80%
Audience: ?!
MC: Why is it 80%? XDD
Jonghoon: The songs…○□ … Let's drop this topic.
Hongki: Hoonie is always like this, whenever he doesn't know what to say, he will say "Let's drop this topic" XD
However, he eventually answered: Because this time Hyunnie and Minari's songs are not included.. (´ω`)
Cr: sweetmikie & SThirohiro
Chinese Translation: MylovelyFT

[130609 Fan-Meeting]

When Seunghuyn was asked to talk about the "must-listen" points of the album, Hongki said "Hyunnie will always memorize what the other members had said earlier in other interviews, and then he will repeat them next time when he's being asked, as though those are his own opinions" XDD
Cr: churingles
Chinese Translation: MylovelyFT

[130609 Fan-Meeting]

Hongki: During live, when I was running on the stage, I don't breathe at all. This is because if I breathe while running, the melodic intervals will be messed up and then it will be a disaster. That's why I have to exercise to increase my stamina.
(Wow, no breathing while running all over the stage but still able to sing powerfully!!! Is Hongki a normal human being? XDD)
Cr: churingles
Chinese Translation: MylovelyFT

[130609 Fan-Meeting]

MC: What is your favourite song in the album?
Hongki: I like Time To, although the music is simple, but it becomes a great song when the person singing it sings better than the original composer XDD
*Jaejinnie is the composer XDD
Cr: FtGtKD
Chinese Translation: MylovelyFT

[130609 Fan-Meeting]

MC: How do you diet?
Hongki: Do aerobic exercise! And don't eat after 7 pm. If I am feeling really hungry, I will just eat either banana or chicken breast. I can lose weight just by drinking too, this is because the next day I will be having a serious diarrhea (laughs)
Cr: FtGtKD

Chinese Translation: MylovelyFT

*I'm just compiling from twitter accounts esp @Colourful247

i want to thank all primadonnas n translators who's kindly share fanaccs with us



Me as a poor student can't buy every single thing they release
So i've been thanking all PRIMADONNA who's kindly upload all the things
And let poor primadonna (like me) to download them...

So, after a week searching to download FULL RATED-FT
I found this on fti5 tumblr


credit to the uploader 

Let's continue supporting FT ISLAND 
Please buy their album ^.^

*i'll slowly buying one by one of their album whenever i have money*

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jaejin In High School Musical

FT ISLAND Lee Jaejin will be doing his second musical!
High School Musical -On Stage-
He'll be playing the role of Troy Bolton, the leading role

[topstarnews: Jaejin's part]
Jaejin gave us an update on his preparation for the upcoming musical: 「One of the reasons why I started singing was because of musical. I am really happy and excited to be involved in High School Musical this time round. 
As I'm playing the role of a basketball player, so I'm occasionally practicing on my basketball skill now.
I was the first one to participate in a musical among my members, so I can feel that they have faith in me, but actually it's kind of like a burden for me (laughs)」

Cr: _tama_pri
Chinese Translation: MylovelyFT

Via: Colourful247

AOA Choa will participate in this musical too as Gabriella

Let's wish the best for him!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Well... As you guys see.. Hongmina or Daramji couple just so lovely
and they are SO CUTE!
Watch the highlights every Friday at 10pm KST 
The Making on Sunday 10am KST

Daramji Couple Full Cuts with Eng Subs can be watched here
Daramji Couple

Global We Got Married FULL ENG SUB(Hongki&Mina + Taecyeon&Emma)
cr: ahboo

[TRANS] MINI Magz June 2013

I change when I get drunk.

jh: YES, I do change. I tend to laugh a lot.
hk: Jonghun also speaks to his pet cat. lol I used to change quite drastically but I fixed it. Now, I just get sleepy.
jh: We're all pretty strong when it comes to alcohol.
jj: If it's among the members, then I'm the weakest. I don't really change when I get drunk, but the next thing I know, I'm in a konbini buying snacks and other stuff.
hk: Minhwan has this habit of feeling the arm of the person beside him.
mh: R--really?
jh: You do. You've touched Seunghyun's arm quite a lot, you know.
hk: Seunghyun turns kind when drunk.
sh: I think I'm always kind tho?
hk: That's why people always have a good (first) impression of you.
what excites you more?
A. sudden body touch while talking
B. accidental indirect kiss

jh: A! skinship is more exciting
jj: and you wont usually notice an indirect kiss
hk: true. in korea, it's just normal to share your drink with everyone else
sh: yep. i choose A too.
mh: i choose B. i don't really like being touched....
hk: eh are you serious?

I easily get over a heartbreak

jh: YES!
sh mh: i also think i'm the type who recovers fast
hk: although there are times i immediately get over it, there are also times that i feel i'm still not ready to start a new love. i think it depends
jj: ive also had someone i couldnt get over with.... so i guess it depends on who the other person is

If your girlfriend cooks for you and it tastes bad?
A. I'll directly tell her it's bad
B. I'll keep it to myself

jh hk: Directly tell her!
hk: I'll tell her 'this is seriously bad!' but I'll finish everything! I'm someone who honestly tells my girlfriend anything. Of course, I'll consider her feelings and tell her as nice as possible.
jh: Ah! But recently when we were hanging out, the nabe (hot pot) my friend prepared wasn't delicious but I didn't even tell her! lol
hk: She made it herself? Wow, that's nice. I haven't eaten anything cooked by a girl(space)friend.
everyone: lol
sh: I wouldn't say it's bad but my expression would probably give it away. I might say 'it's delicious' but my face would show 'it's bad'
mh: I'll eat it with her. I'll tell her, 'why don't you try it. is it good?' That's how I'll let her know!

who would you rather have as your girlfriend?
A. a good listener
B. a good 'talker'

hk: I'm pretty taklative myself so I'd prefer someone who's a good listener. Of course, I'll listen to what she has to say, too.
jj sh: B would be great. I wanna listen to her stories.
jh mh: Probably A. Because I want to have someone who can listen to me

Who whould you notice during a live?
A. Someone in a bikini
B. A fan who is cosplaying me

hk: Ah! Definitely the one in bikini! There were quite a lot of them in bikinis during our last summer tour. Would it be the same for this upcoming tour? :)
jj sh: We also choose bikini! We're men afterall
jh: Rather than a girl in bikini, I would notice a girl in a mini skirt. haha
hk: We can see the faces and clothes of the fans in the venue, actually
mh: I'd be really happy to see someone cosplaying me! but of course... my eyes would go to the one in bikini. lol

Which behavior do you think is more unpleasant?
A. constantly over-spending on a date (actually the word can also mean, to be haughty)
B. takes a lot of time to prepare

mh: It's alright even if it takes her time to prepare! I can wait.
jh jj sh: Yes, I don't mind waiting.
hk: I can't so I choose B.

In the end, A man is defined by _____ !
A. Personality
B. Money

jh jj sh mh: A!
hk: i used to think it's personality, but i now think it's money. lol
jj: Whaaat? That's sad
hk: No, because I tell you! If there were a charming man and a rich man, a girl would choose the rich man!
jh: Do you mean to say that women are easily lured by money?
jj: This is sad.........

In the end, A woman is defined by _____ !
A. Looks
B. Personality

sh mh: Personality is very important!
jj: True, cos no matter how good her appearance is, if her personality is awful then that's trouble.
jh: I'll put more importance on the personality of the one I'll marry, but a girlfriend's appearance is important.
sh: Huuuh?
hk: He's saying this but actually, he doesn't care about looks. Because he's the diligent very affectionate type!
jj: True!

If your girlfriend mentions another man's name in her sleep?
A. I'll ask about it
B. I'll act as if I heard nothing

mh: I'll act as if I don't know a thing!
hk: A! I'll wake her up immediately and ask her.
jh jj: I might also wake her up and ask.
sh: No, I don't think I'll go as far as waking her up but I'll bring it up once she does wake up. Like, 'By the way...'

I have more confidence in
A. Surviving on a deserted island for a week
B. Living in Tokyo for a month with only 10,000 Yen

hk: Living in Tokyo for a month with only 10,000 Yen is impossible! You'll only get to eat gyuudon! Won't you at least make it a hundred thousand yen?
mh: I choose A. I'll live by hunting. *does knife slashing sounds and movements*
jj: I think it's A for me, too.
sh: I'll die on a deserted island because I'm weak, so I choose B. lol
jh: Now that you mention it, yeah you're right. lol. Minhwan says A but he hates bugs. Will you be ok?
mh: Ah yeah I hate bugs..... It might not work out after all.

I'll be hurt when someone
A. criticizes my personality
B. criticizes my looks

jj: Definitely A
jh sh mh: Yeah, I'll get hurt more by A.
hk: Well, no one has ever told me anything regarding my personality! (derp face)
jh: W H A T ?
jj: Eh???
sh: Who what?
hk: I meant no one has ever told me that my personality is bad!
sh: .................... oh I see

When walking with your girlfriend, which side do you take?
A. Right
B. Left

hk: I want my girlfriend to be on my right side because I'm left handed ((ok wait hongki this doesnt make sense but ok))
jh: I take the right side.
jj sh mh: We want our girlfriends to be on our left. (So they take the right side)
sh: I wonder if it's related to which hand is dominant
jj: Because Hongki is the only left-handed one
hk: I've been using both hands recently, though. I usually use my left hand when I need to use more strength like when working out. But when I write or eat, and hold the mic, I use my right hand. AND BTW IM A LEFT-HANDED AND AB TYPE SO I'M AN ULTIMATE GENIUS ((lol ok hongki))
More feels for a girl who sings ____ in karaoke
A. an upbeat song
B. a ballad

hk: Ballad for me
sh: If she sings it well, that is
mh: It's also ballad for me.
hk: It's definitely fun having a girl singing an upbeat song but you won't really have feels.
jj: yeah
jh sh: so it's settled! Ballad for all the members!

I like a woman who is
A. submissive like a dog
B. fickle like a cat

hk: Dog! That's why I have dogs
jh: Someone like a cat for me. That's why I have cats
hk: I have a cat, too but for some reason, my cat's like a dog. lol
sh mh: A
jj: B for me. A catlike girl would be nice. I'll accept her fickleness and watch over her.
jh: Heh~ you're a nice guy. ((what do you mean jonghun you also chose cat so why did you choose cat))
hk: And it's pitiful because there are times when this kindness of Jaejin doesn't get reciprocated
jj: huhuhuhu

If you had a conflict with your schedule and you had to choose, which would you
A. girlfriend's birthday
B. a member's wedding

hk: I can go to the wedding, then meet with her
everyone: true true
mh: go to the wedding in the morning, then go on a date with my girlfriend at night
jj: i can just bring my girlfriend to the wedding
everyone: ah, that's good too
hk: but whatever! we don't have to worry cos we're not getting married anytime soon! lol

Full credits to teragram @byebve