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Thursday, June 20, 2013


FT Island’s ‘Unexpected charm’ in HAN SEUNG HO CEO's eyes:

FIRST : Lee Hong ki
”He likes children a lot. To be honest it was quite unexpected. Because he is active and free, I thought he will find children annoying but I was wrong. He complains to me often but the one who plays the best with my child is Hongki. When I see him play with my child, I think that ‘he is kind and has the carefulness and kindness of being able to look at the child’s eye level.”

SECOND: Choi Jong Hoon
"He is really soft and has lots of tears. Jonghun is always the one who cries when they get scolded. When I am scolding, If I see jonghun crying, even though I have some more to scold but he makes me end it quickly.”

THIRD: Lee Jae jin
”the fans all know it too but he is always clear about work and play and he knows how to he should act at situations. Unexpectedly, he says what he wants to although he looks like he will listen well. I think he’s trying hard to be manly these days. I only saw him as a young boy but sometimes I just think that ‘he became a man too.”

FOURTH: Choi Minhwan
”it seems like he will have a lot of aegyo since he is the maknae but he is the most quiet and steady. He keeps his place quietly. He doesn't really have much maknae-like characteristics. If minhwan gets a girl friend in the future, maybe I would get surprised at the different attitude?”

FIFTH:Song Seunghyun
”i think he is FTIsland’s atmosphere maker. He’s very good with making friends. It could have been hard on him for being a new member but I think he has been able to stand it well. He’s such a innocent and good kid.”

CR: FB page , Janey_Hoonie

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  1. mintak izin nak copy paste nih :) hehe. lol. this is the reasons why i love them <3 haihhh :')