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We are easily addicted to this Treasures... FT Island.. Five Treasure Island, full with 5 young and talented boys..

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


FT Island has released their HARUKA MV... We can hear Jaejin and Seunghyun got more part in this song.. but still, Hongki's voice still stand out everytime his parts come.... Jaejin's voice really sounds perfect for Jpop songs.... and Jonghun face at the beginning of this MV really make my heart wanna pop out ^_^
Primadonnas are wondering why most of FT Island PV be so simple??  Like in this MV? the shadow and lighting.. . Why don't their company spend more money on them? They are well received in Japan... 
Although all that, FT Island still shines in the dark n shadow ^_^ that's our treasures!! FT Island fighting!!!

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  1. FNCmusic doesnt spend much on FTIsland's MV, i wonder why too...But it really proves that FTIsland doesnt need flashy MVs to be recognized...THey are loved by their music and not with the MV.^_^ But i still hope that FNC would develop their MV theme for FT.I mean like those they do to CNBlue. they're biased to CNBlue.