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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[News] 110503 FTIsland Escaped Uninjured from Dorm Fire

A fire broke out at FTIsland’s dorm.

On the 3rd morning, a fire broke out at FTIsland’s dorm, which is situated near Munrae-dong, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul. Fortunately, the members evacuated immediately and no one got injured. The police is still investigating the cause of the fire.

According to one of their related personnel, the members have just finished their new album recording works and returned home to take a rest when the fire broke out. The members and their management company are in the midst of clearing their dorm.

On the other hand, FTIsland will be releasing albums in Japan and Korea on 18th and 20th respectively.

Latest Update:

According to their related personnel, “There was smoke coming out from the computer monitor due to overheating. It was detected by the sprinkler which then discharges the water. The members made a report and have evacuated to a safe area. It was not a big fire and damages were not serious. It was lucky that the members were not injured. ”

Credit: Newsen + ying1005@withtreasures (translation) +Note From Kaori

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