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I'll getting busier after i continue my studies... So, I have three c0-author to help me updating this blog.. My dongseng-LuvzxCin, My unnies- Alma Alexis & jiwa_desember.....^__^ Thanks for dropping by to this blog and have fun! ^o^

Hardcore Primadonna Life

We are easily addicted to this Treasures... FT Island.. Five Treasure Island, full with 5 young and talented boys..

Friday, May 20, 2011

FT Island Released Hello Hello Teaser!!!!

A really good teasing from FT Island to all Primadonna. Their music and appearance have grow a lot! All Primadonna are so excited and can't wait for the full MV and their comeback!!! Let's wave our penstatick!!!
FT Island fighting!!!!

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