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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[INTERVIEW] FTIsland @ Noh Hong Chul’s Best Friend

Fan’s message: Jaejin, blond hair is really handsome, you must be very pleased?
Jaejin: I really liked it, but right now the fans said it looks like grass.
Noh Hong Chul: Yeah, but anyhow you’ve dyed it so many times, it must be really damaged.
Jaejin: Yeah.

Fan’s Message: FTIsland’s schedule is so busy, did you guys eat dinner yet?
All: Not yet.. still haven’t eaten yet TT.TT
Noh: When was the last meal you ate?
All: 2 o’clock.
Noh: Aiyo, what to do? Right now is already 9PM. What would you like to eat after its over?
All: Chicken soup, spareribs, miso soup, beef…
Hongki: Shabu Shabu!
All: Ooh~~~~Shabu Shabu~~~~

Hongki: This time we also held a tour concert in Japan. Because we are a band, Japanese bands seems to ride in bus tour while promoting their album around the country. We don’t go on TV that much, so we are also like that, usually hold tour during promotions. Like last year we held a concert with about 6000 people. This time its around 1 week 2 days.
Jaejin: YO!

Noh: How do you say FT Island in Japanese, I’m curious?
Hongki: Ai Ip Ti Ai Lan De
Noh: What nicknames does the members have given by the fans?
Jaejin: Got Hongki oppa!
Hongki: I am Hongstar
Noh: Hongstar?? Call you that too in Japan?? Wah~Others don’t have any?
Minhwan: I am Celery~
Jaejin: It was suppose to be Minhwan-yi, say it faster then it will be….
Hongki: Celery~celery~
Noh: Oh so cute~
Noh: Jonghun doesn’t have one?
Jaejin: *pinyin* Zhōng ēn ~zhōng ēn~
Hongki: Seunghyun’s the hardest cheng hiong (hiong sounds simliar to hyung)
Noh: Jaejin?
Jaejin: Mine is *pinyin* Zài jǐn~ Japanese fans call me that
Noh: So then what is your guys’ Japanese level?
Hongki: It is at the level that where ever you go, or if you’re by yourself you will not die^^
Noh: Wah awesome

Noh: There’s a song called “I Want to Have you” who do you want to have….?
All: Eh~~ hehe haha
Fan’s message: Hongki oppa, this performance is right after “Love You,” I absolutely loved it~after watching it I’m not sad TT.TT
Hongki: This is “I Want to Have You” performance, the other 4 members dislike me, they don’t even want to look at me, and I still sing to them
Hongki & Jaejin singing: It’s after pretending to be drunk uh, drunk after
Seunghyun: This is Hongki’s story
Jaejin: oh~~~
Hongki: Why are you guys like this ah ><
Noh: Then let’s say something to Suzy~ GO
Jaejin: Hi, I’m FT Island’s Lee Jaejin. I am your fan, it would be nice to greet you when I meet you^^ Thank you
All: ahahaha~
Jaejin: Aiyah, its embarassing!!!
Noh: Hope you guys will have a nice ending/result XDDDDD
All: A nice ending ahahhah!!

Source: Noh Hong Chuls’ Best Friend Radio Interview
Korean to Chinese Translation: ellenzhou45@Naver
Chinese to English Translation: jennijenjen9@Silh0uette
Re-post: _cmksky @ maknaerebellion

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