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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[INTERVIEW] PATi PATi July 2011 Issue – Q&A

Q: What would you want to do if you could become Jonghun for a day?
Hongki: I want to compose songs.
Jaejin: Put a dog collar on the pet tortoise and jog with it.
Minhwan: Play guitar in the practice room.
Seunghyun: I want to walk on the streets with my upper body naked.

Q: If you could become Hongki?
Jonghun: Say whatever that comes to my mind.
Jaejin: Declare that “Jaejin is the most handsome in FT” in front of actresses working on the same drama. (Smiling shyly)
Minhwan: Go for a ride with Hongki hyung’s beloved car. Wear his clothes.
Seunghyun: I want to sing the wrong lyrics and make lots of mistakes on stage.

Q: If you could become Jaejin?
Jonghun: I would first want to stable down. (Laughs)
Hongki: Show aegyo to his hyungs.
Minhwan: I want to eat delicious food.
Seunghyun: I want to give the bass to a fan as a gift.

Q: If you could become Minhwan?
Jonghun: Firstly, fill up my stomach and then relieve pressure through playing drums.
Hongki: I want to try and see the amount of fried chicken that he can actually eat.
Jaejin: Resist the strong urge to eat something that I want to eat.
Seunghyun: Fast for a day.

Q: If you could become Seunghyun?
Jonghun: I want to change and become someone who will be more able to make people laugh as compared to the current Seunghyun.
Hongki: I do not want to become him.
Jaejin: Show aegyo to his hyungs.
Minhwan: Exercise for the whole day. After that, I want to say “Goodnight”. It’s just like the current Seunghyun~

Source: PaTi PaTi Magazine
Japanese to Chinese Translations: Scorpion_Bao @ Weibo
Chinese to English Translations: multiplylove @ Silh0uette

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