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Friday, June 17, 2011

[Twitter] 061511 Jaejin

saico011 확실해 나에겐 집귀신이 붙었어
Translation: For sure, the dorm ghost has possessed me.

saico011 웅 다녀오께 “@zzzzzz96: @saico011 응자기 잘갔다와♥”
Translation: Yep, I’ll be back “@zzzzzz96: @saico01 Darling, be back safely♥”

saico011 3시에일어났어 내가이렇게정줄놓고자다니;에라모르겟다 연습집중이안되니 fresh한 coffee를 사러갓다올게
Translation: Woke up at 3. How could I have slept so soundly; Oh well, I can’t concentrate on practising. Go get a fresh cup of coffee.

Credit: saico011.1, saico011.2, saico011.3 + ying1005@withtreasures

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