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Friday, June 17, 2011

[INTERVIEW] FTIsland @ Younha’s Starry Night

Younha: Instead of saying kiss, why not say who wants to bobo [T/N: bobo means kiss in Korean] the most…. Sweet live filled with the special band FT Island
Hongki: Want to kiss ah kiss
Younha: Compared to Kiss, these few here can turn this night into something sweet, welcome FT Island~
Hongki: Bo~bo~bo~~~ (quite loud – -)
Younha: This is the first time you guys guest at “Starry Night” right?
Hongki: Yes
Younha: Miss you guys so much
Hongki: Whatever!
Younha: Really? Oh I also follow Hongki-ssi, but Hongki-ssi never reply or follow me!
Hongki: Really? Sorry TT TT
Younha: Jaejin knows
Jaejin: Yes
Younha: Everyone who wrote new song for comeback, it seems like we’re missing one?
Hongki: Right now Jonghun is in Jeonju, making me want to eat rice (Jeonju is famous with rice) He’s filming a movie. Movie Star~Hongki: Lately, Jonghun’s been saying “I am Jongstar” because my other name is “Hongstar”. He said his other name is “Jongstar”, this child is ridiculous hahahahaha. He just called that he’s listening to this radio
Younha: Well then let us talk more about the one who’s not here~ ^^
Fan: Wah~Our fantastic will kill him (pointing to Jaejin – -)!!

Fan: It is definitely shinier/brighter through the camera kkkkkk
Younha: This is radio. Oh does Jaejin have anything to say?
Hongki: That’s Mashin ah! Somewhat black >__< Mr. Expert, love you oh <
Younha: Oh, even if it is, but I have always wanted to deny, hoping that I am always a newbie. But time flies by real fast, and age keeps on growing TT TT

Younha: FT Island had many hit songs, so far right now, what song would you want to show to the world?
Hongki: The time of our first album, almost the whole album is about love. Personally I love “Don’t Love”
Younha: Ah, I remember that time you always promote that song
Hongki: Yeah, I really love that song a lot.

Source: Younha’s Starry Night Radio Interview
Korean to Chinese Translation:ellenzhou45 @ Weibo
Chinese to English Translation:jennijenjen9 @ Silh0uette

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