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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[DAUM CAFE] 060111 Minhwan’s Message

[최민환] 오늘은..
2011.06.01 15:36

요즘 안좋은 소식들이 너무 많아서 슬프네요…

우리 팬들 응원해주며 웃는모습보면 힘이 나요^^
이번앨범은 우리끼리 재밌게 놀자!!!
ㅎㅎ활동하랴 일본부돗캉라이브 준비하랴 바쁘긴한데요 힘들때마다 프리아가들이 응원해주고 힘줘서 너무 고마워요잉~

뭐 긴말 필요없잖아?
사랑한다 우리아가들!ㅡ 3ㅡ일로와

2011.06.01. 15:36

Recently, there were many bad news that made me sad…

I regained my strength after looking at the smiles of our fans that supported us ^^
Let’s have fun and play happily for this album!!!
Hehe. Even though we will be very busy preparing for activities and live performance at Japan’s Budokan… But, we feel very grateful because Pri darlings support and give us strength each time we feel tired~

There is no need to go on typing a long message, isn’t it?
I love you all, our darlings! ㅡ 3ㅡ Come on baby

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