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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[DAUM CAFE] 060711 FTIsland’s Message

2011.06.07. 22:35

우리 아직 4주년안지났지??
너무 고마워 지금까지우리지켜줘서
앞으로는 우리가 프리마돈나 지킬께
남부럽지않은 밴드가 될께
오늘도 일본에서 공연했는데
남부럽지않게 잘하고왔어^^
앞으로도 화이팅하자 사랑해
-잘생기고 세상에서 제일 매력많은 아빠,동생,아들이

2011.06.07. 22:37

미안하고 사랑하고 한국에서 같이 축하못해줘서 미안해 사랑해

It’s father
2011.06.07. 22:35

We haven’t ended our 4th anniversary right??
Really thank you all for always looking after us, till now
Next time it’ll be our turn who will look after Primadonna.
We will not become a band who will only admire the others.
Today we’ve finished our performance at Japan
and have unnoticeably returned ^^
We will all work hard together, I love you all
- The world’s most handsome and charming father, brother, son

It’s mother
2011.06.07. 22:37

Feeling sorry yet thankful.. couldn’t celebrate with all of you in Korea, I love all of you

Source: FTIsland’s Official Daum Cafe
Korean to Chinese Translation: FTI1ST
Chinese to English Translation: JAMJINNIEZ @ Silh0uette

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