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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[Twitter] 110531 Jaejin

saico011 아 수고하셨쎄요
Translation: Ah, it’s been hard on all of you.

saico011 투어끝나면 머리 짧게 자를거야 예쁜머리있으면 나에게 사진을 보여주도록! 오늘의 메세지 끝
Translation: Long after the tour(event), going to cut my hair shorter. If the outcome is a pretty hair, I’ll show you my picture! End of today’s message.

saico011 “고러치^^!!@primadonnao: @saico011 당신은 무엇을해도 어차피 근사하다.”
Translation: That’s right^^!!@primadonnao: @saico011 Whatever it is, you’ll still look nice.”

saico011 고맙습니다.!
Translation: Thank you.!

Credits: saico011 + ying1005@withtreasures + MsLee011 + LiaHongki@primindo

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