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I'll getting busier after i continue my studies... So, I have three c0-author to help me updating this blog.. My dongseng-LuvzxCin, My unnies- Alma Alexis & jiwa_desember.....^__^ Thanks for dropping by to this blog and have fun! ^o^

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[Twitter] 110601 Jonghun

FtGtJH 화재난 이후로 점점 복구되어간다 이제 1달여만에 곡작업을 할수있게된다 머리가 근질근질 했는데 달달한 노래좀 써볼까나 :) 
Translation: Long after everything, I’m getting being renewed more and more. Now, we’ll keep working on songs within 1 month. My head was itching of how I’m going to write a song :) 

Credits: FtGtJH + MsLee011

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