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Friday, June 3, 2011

Minhwan's Confession at HongChul Radio Talk

HongChul Radio talk (Minari Confession part)

Email from fans :"It's been a long time since you guys have activities in Korea, is there any dongsaeng (junior) you're interested in?

Everyone was like Minari has one, come out and say honestly, then like, teasing him.

MinHwan said immediately:" APINK's Bomi. I didn't know the group's name back then[..] (this part i'm currently working on, please wait a little more)

So this is Minari's message to Bomi

MH: Bomi-san, since you're younger than me, Bomi-chan, annyeong, and so I'm Minan you very much, don't you know it, you don't understand at all. The next time we meet, i want to greet you with a smile. See you, annyeong~

HC: You still couldn't smile (at her)?
MH:Ah, i didn't have a chance. We've met previously, but i couldn't make a greeting to her
HC: Oh Can’t you just say things like Bomi-chan is beautiful, she is cute? I still don't get it
MH: I don't get it either. I don't know..i kinda lost for words
HK: It’s like this. It really makes me feel I’m having a sister to take care of..
JJ: Yeah, really
HK: Have to listen to his love story and concerns a lot.
HC: It’sbecause you also have more experiences, i worry about these coward kids
HK: Coward..(laugh)

CREDIT: HongJaeBiased @ Twitter

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