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Friday, April 15, 2011

FT Island are different.

1)FT Island member are too honest and blunt compare to other idols. 
-->They are very active in interviews and sometimes answer sensitive questions without hesitate. Even CNBlue who under the same agency are very cautious. FT Island think that rockers should be able to be honest.
2) FT Island being the labrat and simulation for CNBlue.  
--> FT Island is the first artist under their management agency. So, after them, the agency create a band with     slightly a different way of treatment. 2nd artist under them is CNBlue. FT Island stated that after some trials and errors with FT Island, the agency don't want to do the same mistakes. Their agency's strategies for CNBlue are different too.
3) FT Island are more difficult to handle than CNBlue.
-->Because FT Island was debuted at a very young age and is the first artist under their agency, they've been treated like sons by their management. They got what they want and do what they like at that period, so, the manager said that they are more playful and very active even after they've became adult now. They even like to pranks the staff and manager too. CNBlue, on the other hand, was handled by a strict management from the beginning. So, their attitude and how they deliver themselves are slightly different. 
4) FT Island: "We take care of our self"
 --> In a program, the MC ask FT Island to ask CNBlue to be wild as them when they come to the program. And FT Island replied that they can't be that wild because they are under strict management. Then, the MC ask how about them, they answer, "We take care of our self"
5) FT Island: "We are not that bad"
--> FT Island once explain that after them, their agency thinks that need tall boys. Because of that CNBlue  boys are really tall compared to them. when the MC said that all the superior DNA's are in CNBlue, FT Island stated that they are not that bad.
6) FT Island love Primadonna.
--> In every winning or performance, FT Island never missed to thank Primadonna and they always say their love to Primadonna.  
7) FT Island hope to perform in every countries that have Primadonna.
--> FT Island know they have fans from many countries from Asia, American, Europe and even Africa. They hope to be able to perform for their fans from all over the world. 
8) FT Island love to throw their things. (?)
--> In every concert closing, after bowing to the fans, usually FT Island members will throw anything that they can give to their beloved Primadonna. Especially towels. :)

By: Nina
Source: Some Primadonna's blog, FT Island Fansites and forums, FT Island backstage videos, FT Island interviews(esp Beatles Code), FT Island videos.

*This article is from my own opinion and conclusion after through some articles, news and videos. 
*Sorry if there's anything that are wrong here. 
*For me, both FT Island and CNBlue are great. They have their own style of music, image and characters.
*Comments are welcomed.

#I'm a Primadonna, and I'm proud of it. 



  1. Yeah...FTI is different with CN Blue
    I hope their management keep fair with FTI ^^

    Keep update about them Okay XD

  2. i think ft island is more cheerful and lively in everywhere the concert even in overseas tv shows..they successfully show that they are not fake..u know what i mean..some idols show a sweet face in front of their fans..but their actual one knows..i respect them for being their own selves..^^..ft island are different..i totally agree with you..

  3. May I repost it in my blog? With full credit of course!