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Sunday, April 10, 2011

FNC Manager Exposes @Trendy Special Vol.2 (Part 3) -Their BAD habit-

Staff Expose: No. 1 Top Band in History That Loses Things Easily 

FTIsland and CNBLUE came to Taiwan for concerts one after another last year; not only did they create many ‘No. 1′ records for popularity and sales, their record label also unexpectedly calculated a new ‘No. 1′ achievement for ‘top bands’ – No. 1 for losing things.

FT Island’s part
When FT Island came to Taiwan at the end of 2010 for their concert, the staff from Korea had token the wrong luggage. They had taken a luggage filled with ladies clothes instead of Lee Jae Jin’s bass! The music company immediately called the airport to search for Lee Jae Jin’s luggage, and by then only the manager remembered that he had left his wallet on the plane. After some time, they had finally found back all the “lost” things. Losing things is not at all a wonder to them anymore, because they sometimes lose people too! During the celebration party after their concert, they were too excited and some were lost. Until when everyone get up to their car, only they realise that their manager went missing. Members of FT Island love to go to their manager’s room during the night and when it’s time for them to go back to their respective rooms, there will be cases of someone forgetting to bring the hotel card key out from the room. This is the most memorable trip of artist coming to Taiwan because they’re constantly losing things and sometimes, people!

CNBLUE's parts
During FTIsland’s first time in Taiwan last year in February, they did not realise that they had left their luggage at the airport, so they would not even have had any clothes to dress into for the following press conference. Their schedule was delayed by an hour as a result. Junior band CNBLUE are not inferior in any respect; drummer Kang Minhyuk is even named “King of Losing Things”! The manager exposed: “Minhyuk has been losing things ever since he was young, especially MP3 players and iPods. The quantity he has lost can almost be enough to open a shop”! When CNBLUE came to Taiwan, Minhyuk certainly lived up to the reputation of “King of Losing Things”; as soon as they arrived in Taiwan last year in September, he promptly left his wallet in the van. If the Taiwanese staff had not carefully checked the van before getting out, Minhyuk would not have even known that he had lost his wallet. Before the concert rehearsal, Taiwanese staff also ‘unsurprisingly’ found Minhyuk’s iPod again!

Source : -CNBlue Storm & Trendy Special Vol. 2
Credits & Translation : sotseine


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