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Sunday, April 10, 2011

FNC Manager Exposes @Trendy Special Vol.2 -110214- (Part 2) -How they've been treated-

Iron Discipline Towards CNBLUE is Just Love’s Education! 
Strict Discipline, Manners are Most Important!

Lee HongKi’s Part
With the strict training given by the music company, although their already a super star, but if they have no manners, the manger will still scold them without any hesitation! FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki had recently recorded in a Taiwanese Variety Show and during the recording, HongKi had took the dry ice gun and shoot the host, Jacky Wu. The manager had been unhappy about his actions, and immediately stopped HongKi from playing with the gun. After the recording, their manager had brought HongKi forward to apologize with the host, Jacky Wu. 

Oh Won Bin’s Part 
Former vocalist and guitarist of FT Island Oh Won Bin had left the stage for two years and had been training again in his company. Oh Won Bin had been to Taiwan at the end of 2010 to become a guest for FT Island’s concert and also stayed a few days more to promote his solo album ; Oh Won Bin doesn’t complain although there’s a lot of schedule. When the staff in Taiwan offers some coffee and snacks, the manager had said no, and this cause Oh Won Bin to quietly say :” Since the manager said it’s okay, then we’ll just leave it” although Oh Won Bin wanted it. The music company had high hopes upon Won Bin, and their strict education towards him is to ensure him that he could succeed when he comes back solo.

CNBLUE came to Taiwan for a concert in September last year. When the concert was over, drummer Kang Minhyuk rushed to the lounge backstage and sat down immediately next to the director without even greeting him/her. The manager saw this and said, “You have no manners!”, making Minhyuk jump up from the sofa and quickly get a drink to apologise to the director. The manager expressed: “Even if an artist has already debuted, manners are still the most important thing. Artists must be requested to comply; it is absolutely not permissible for artists under the company to have the “big-head disease” (T/N: swelling ego, i.e. turning snobbish and looking down on others).

Source : -CNBlue Storm & Trendy Special Vol. 2
Credits & Translation : sotseine


-sorry, its kind of late... but still a good facts about the boys.

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