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Sunday, April 10, 2011

FNC Manager Exposes @Trendy Special Vol.2 -110214- (Part 1) -Formed and trained-

Forming Top Bands is Not Easy. Becoming Famous is Harder!

Top Pretty Band FTIsland + Top Stylish Band CNBLUE, not complaining about hardships of development, secrets of success revealed….

In recent years, there has been a fast-growing trend of top bands in Taiwan and South Korea. Behind their success is the manager sacrificing his own days of youth, sweat and tears to guide and support their growth. They were just middle school and high school students when they were discovered, so the manager accompanied them during their growth, longing for his treasures to have the day of success..

Complete Training and Development

South Korea’s top pretty band FTIsland and top stylish band CNBLUE were still in middle school or high school when they were taken under FNC Music. These two groups both debuted in the form of bands. The manager arranged not only music-related classes, to allow them room to develop and explore music, but also acting classes to train the members’ acting skills, which contributed towards the lead vocalists of both bands, Lee Hong Ki and Jung Yong Hwa, immediately gaining attention for acting in You’re Beautiful; with handsome looks and exquisite acting they became popular all over Asia. Furthermore, their management company also arranges artists to learn a second and third foreign language to expand into foreign markets. Because FTIsland and CNBLUE have previously stayed in Japan, they can all speak in fluent Japanese, having no barriers in communicating with Japanese fans. 

Oh Won Bin’s Part 
A month before his visit to Taiwan, Oh Won Bin had increased his Chinese classes. He recorded the audio of the chinese words and saved it into his MP3, correcting his chinese pronunciation. Alas, when he was a guest for FT Island’s concert in Taiwan, he use chinese to express and communicate with others, and the fans are surprised that his chinese is perfect and his pronounciations is good too!

Manager sighs because FT Island is spoilt
FT Island is the first artist to be in the FnC Music Company. Their manager treated them like his own children and loved them very much. Their manager said while smiling: “When I first knew MinHwan, he was only 13 years old, and he is still a small kid. Now looking at MinHwan becoming more mature, sometimes it just feel unreal. “ That time, all members of FT Island lived together, and their food, clothes, accommodations is all taken care by their manager. Till this day, their manager still remembers that he helped the boys to wash their underwear everyday. He was like their parents, carefully watching them grow, and their manager joke that he had no time to fall in love with another girl and still single now.

Speaking of the way of teaching the boys, the manager couldn’t resist sighing again. He had spoilt the boys. He felt sorry for the boys when they have lots of schedule, and had given in to any requests of the boys. If the members did wrong, he’ll punish them by facing the wall. After 10 minutes, he begin to felt sorry for them, and brought them out for meals instead.

Their manager said this made the boys even more naughty : The shy boy MinHwan loves to prank the staffs, the “lively” Honggi loves to ask the music company in Taiwan to treat him ice-cream whenever the manager is not around ( Later we found out from the manager that Honggi has sensitive stomach, so their manager restricted him to eat cold foods) ; The leader JongHun also helped the members to “monitor” their manager, and when their manager is not around, he’ll slip out without the other members!

Source : -CNBlue Storm & Trendy Special Vol. 2
Credits & Translation : sotseine
Credit :

-sorry, kind of late, but still, some facts about them.
i've cut it to 3 parts.. to make it easier.. 
-LOL, FT Island members are naughty! pity the manager XD

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  1. LOL... FT island is so naughty...
    but the manager sounds like he really loves the boys... hope ft island will never forget what their manager had done for them and also will always love and respect their manager...