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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Information about FT Island SATISFACTION Single

Honey Bee Managementから、近藤ひさし、オダクラユウ、小林章太郎が制作に参加させて頂いた「FTIsland」さんのNew Single「SATISFACTION」が発売されます。(2011.04.20)
02 Friends
Lyrics:Lee Jaejin & HISASHI KONDO
Music:Choi Jonghoon & Shotaro Kobayashi
Arrangement:FTIsland & Shotaro Kobayashi
03 I want
Lyrics:Lee Jaejin & HISASHI KONDO
Music:Choi Jonghoon & Shotaro Kobayashi
Arrangement:FTIsland & Yu Odakura
Composer: Yoshihiko Chino
Source: Honey Bee Management & YOSHIHIKO-CHINO.COM
For those who don't know who is Choi Jonghoon and Lee Jaejin, they are the leader/guitarist and bassist in FT ISLAND.
Note: Lee Jae Jin also contribute in Satisfaction lyrics.
Looks like FT Island are giving their full commitment in this single.... They write and arrange the music by themself. They really wants to make fans recognize them through their music and not just for their look. (Their looks are gorgeous).
They've said once that they don't want to be call an idol, but as MUSICIAN.
Choi Jonghoon

Lee Jaejin

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