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Hardcore Primadonna Life

We are easily addicted to this Treasures... FT Island.. Five Treasure Island, full with 5 young and talented boys..

Saturday, April 30, 2011

FT Island hope their band will be.....

[Hongki] A band that doesn't create a line called idol
[Jonghun] A band free from intervention of anyone
[Seunghyun] Not an idol band but musicians
[Jaejin] Not only make music but a band that knows how to make music beautiful
[Minhwan] A mass popular band... that through them, people will dream

[FT ISLAND] Enjoying music that only belongs to us.....

FT Island starts their dream at such a young age.... and having their popularity keep hiking.. They know they can't be young forever, they will aging... and their desire through music will always grows along with them....
With a young and gorgeous figures, they r called Flower Boys band..... but, they want to be known not just because of their looks but their talents and musics....
They wants to produce their own songs from their hearts....
WE, as Primadonna will always stands behind them and supports them..

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