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We are easily addicted to this Treasures... FT Island.. Five Treasure Island, full with 5 young and talented boys..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

FT Island is online!!

Of course as a Primadonna i want to know what they're doing, how are they and what's going on with them.... Like a common teenagers and youngster, they are online to approached their beloved Primadonna and friends.
Here some info and link to approached them.. 




And their official website

Can also approached them at Cyworld and UFOTown (I can't excess. All in Korean) 


  1. is it true jonghoon has fb??what i one in ft has official fb..the one that in fb u's the fake one according to other primadonnas..well..i'm not sure..but following them in twitter making prims updated with their current news..^^

  2. i don't know about that.. bcoz jonghun have once tweet about he is fb-ing...
    and the acc is not official... just like a personal acc...
    he said he's real JH in his info... i don't know is that true... but, he's can't write english well and he's not always replying the post. just 'like' the post...